Real Republicans Don’t Wear Masks

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A true superhero wears his mask

Even after the Capitol was overrun by domestic terrorists attacking the police, whose job it was to protect you. Even out of sight of cameras and your dear leader, Trump. Even as you spent hours locked in a secure room with fellow members of Congress. Even after your Congressional colleagues begged you. Even after masks were offered to you by Representative Lisa Blunt Coleman of Delaware. Even after all of this, you brave Republicans refused to wear masks.

Now three of your colleagues who sheltered with you in that crowded room have tested positive foe COVID-19. They are Representative Pramila Jayapal from Washington, Representative Brad Schneider from Illinois, and Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman from New Jersey, a 75-year-old cancer survivor. You can read her first-hard account here.

Five of the brave representatives who refused masks are Andy Biggs (AZ), Michael Cloud (TX), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Markwayne Mullin (OK) and Scott Perry (PA). They also voted against certification of the election results. Let’s remember their names. In addition to participating in encouraging and supporting Trump’s effort to overturn a legitimate election that reflected the will of the people, they were part of yet another Republican super-spreader event.

I simply don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain to me why I stay in my home, don’t see my grandkids or friends, have my groceries delivered, and am very nervous about going to a doctor’s appoint while these people can’t follow three basic public health rules:

1. Wear a mask
2. Practice social distancing
3. Avoid indoor gatherings with people outside of your household

Of course, in that small room in which they were sheltering, rules two and three weren’t possible. But even if they think COVID-19 is fake news (although as we approach 400,000 deaths, it’s had to fathom why), out of respect for the pleas of their colleagues, why refuse to wear a mask?

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She can dance in a mask. Why can’t the maskless Republicans wear one for a few hours?

My grandkids wear masks when they are lucky enough to get to leave their homes. They have spent the past year supposedly learning remotely. No one has the remotest idea what they have learned at all. But when they see members of Congress refusing to mask up, spreading COVID to their fellow human beings, what are they supposed to think? What fine example of leadership and citizenship are you setting?

Boomer. Educator. Advocate. Eclectic topics: grandkids, special needs, values, aging, loss, & whatever. Author: Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real.

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