Want to Live in Evanston, Illinois? You Should Check Out My House

Laurie Levy
5 min readJun 24, 2020

We picked the worst time to sell our wonderful home of 45 years. Within days after we listed it, the pandemic became serious with school closings, social distancing, and people being told to shelter in place. Our timing wasn’t great. We bought a condo just before life fell apart and moved in on May 15, leaving behind our wonderful home located near Evanston’s beautiful and historic lake front.

Moving day — Of course it rained

Since people are just now venturing out to look at homes, let me tell you the story of ours. We raised three kids in our home at 1010 Sheridan Road in Evanston, Illinois. Walking to Lee Street beach in the summer, jumping in piles of leaves in the fall, building snowmen in the winter, and planting flowers and vegetables in the spring — these are precious memories of raising our children here. They walked to nearby Lincoln School and later to Nichols Middle School. In the summer, we all hung out at Lee Street Beach, less than a block from our home. Taking the “L” or Metra into Chicago was simple. Just walk a few blocks to the station at Main and Chicago Avenue. My husband could also drive downtown to work via Lake Shore Drive in under half an hour.

Dining room flows into kitchen, entrance hall (right) and office/bonus room (left)

Our location made it easy to bike to Northwestern University on the path along the lake and enjoy the many restaurants and stores within walking distance of our home. Great neighbors. Block parties. A fun backyard. Lots of activities for the kids from camps to skating at Robert Crown Community Center to enjoying the many playgrounds and parks in the area. Our children and their friends have fond memories of our third floor, which was a gigantic playroom back in the day, where they created many home movies and Barbie dramas. Now it serves as a great guest room with a tandem bedroom and ensuite bathroom. We were living our dream of being in a college town and a somewhat urban suburb.

Laurie Levy

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